donderdag 8 februari 2018



So I’ve finished my last session of my revalidation.  I’m a little bit overwhelmed ‘cause I didn’t expected it to be over this soon.

To be honest I’m left behind with mixed feelings. I’m extremely happy with the good results but I’m also a little sad ‘cause I have to say ‘goodbye’ to a few great women whom have helped me through this  ever since I’ve got implanted for the first time in 2014.

Before I started this whole journey I was lost… I’ve felt dissapointed so many times that I’ve lost count.

Normally I keep all of my shit for myself but here I go.. Nothing ever came in an easy way in my life..
I’ve been through rough stuff I’ve never wanted to happen but it did. It simply did.

I’ve loved but I’ve lost, I’ve wanted so badly to keep all of my friend so close but I’ve pushed them away, I’ve lived but there were days I’d rather wanted to go.
I’ve seen darkness but kept the faith there was light out there somewhere..

My hearing loss didn’t turned out to be my strong suit. I’ve struggled with it for a very long time.
I’ve got bullied, I’ve got misunderstood, I’ve been ashamed, I’ve hated myself simply ‘cause other people wanted me to..

But … ever since I’ve got implanted in 2014, I recovered my faith .. Piece by piece.
And that’s what I’m grateful for…

The revalidation and the implant have teached me to listen to what my body wants and to see what I’m capable of. I’ve learned to let it all go a little more often and that I don’t have to be so hard for myself sometimes.

So thank you .. Thank you Karen, Marleen & Liesbet to guide me through a revalidation that turned out te be a great lesson in life.

Thank you doctor Forton, for your surgical talent, your understanding and the opportunity that you’ve created to have my second implant done.

Thanks to Peter, my audiologist, for understanding all of my chinese explanations, the good ‘ear’ care and all your good help.

Thanks to Advanced Bionics, for the unbelievable technology you’ve created. For the opportunity you give to people to have a piece or all of their faith back by ‘hearing again’.

Thanks to my husband.. You know I could write pages to thank you. Beside my family there never has been any one who believed more in me than you do. Thanks to you, I’m trying and doing things I would have never done before.

Thanks to my family.. You guys have been through rough times with me but we’ve fought and the fight has been more than worth it. You’ve never stopped having faith in me, not even when I’ve lost faith myself.

I also want to thank my husbands family.. They took me as one of them and they support me like I am their own blood.

Thanks to my real friends… I only have a few I trust and seeing them being so happy for me during the revalidation felt heartwarming. When I felt happy, mad, sad, excited or whatever they also did.

Also thanks to everyone else who’ve read my blog, supported me by facebook, messages, …

So now, I guess, my hearing loss did turned out to be my strong suit. The implant has been a part of acceptance. I don’t have to be ashamed and I definitely don’t have to hate myself for having it.
On the contrary, I have to be proud of it ‘cause I can ensure that people get more aware.
On the contrary, if I didn’t have had my hearing loss I wouldn’t have had the life lessons I’ve learned now.

“Pause and remember – every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully and when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.” (Jenni Young)

Be grateful for each lesson in life. Even the negative can have a positive effect.

With gratitude you will see that the smallest things can become big.


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  1. Dag Kari,

    Dank je om deze positieve ervaringen met ons te delen. Dit is echt een succesverhaal!

    Veel liefs